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Best Home Exercises For Weight Loss

Looking For the Best Home Exercises For Weight Loss?

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I went looking for myself and found the best home exercises for weight loss. 

Since the pandemic, there have been more people wanting to exercise at home rather than in a gym.Gyms were shut down during lockdowns, forcing people to improvise with home workouts.

As communities are getting back to “normal” living, more and more people are continuing to exercise from home. Here’s an article made a few years back, but it’s interesting as it talks about the 4 reasons why fitness is moving from the gym to home.

Listed below are 10 of the best home exercises for weight loss

  1. Walking/Jogging
  2. Boxing
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Interval Training
  5. Running stairs
  6. Yoga
  7. Weight Training
  8. Biking
  9. Burpees

10.Jumping Jacks

There are other great exercises not listed here and you could search and find more I’m sure! These are the 10 top home exercises I found that you can do at home with little or no equipment.

Depending on your fitness level, you would need to start out small as a beginner. Gradually work up your endurance so you don’t end up not being able to walk for days and give up! 

Trust me, I’ve done that many times over the years! So, let’s get into each of the home exercises and how each will help you lose weight.



I added both walking and jogging to the same category because it depends on your fitness level and personal choice what you choose to do.

A lot of people really enjoy getting outside and walking and gives them a great cardio workout on their daily walks.

Personally, I don’t go on walks too often, but I would use a treadmill for walking and jogging. I plan on purchasing a treadmill for better cardio workouts with winter on its way!

How long should you walk? Click here to read more about how long you should walk to lose weight. How does walking help you lose weight?

Walking reduces body fat. It also burns calories. The longer you walk, faster you walk, the more calories you burn. 

According to this article, walking one mile burns about 100 calories.

What about Jogging?

Jogging is a great cardio workout that you can do at or around home that is effective and doesn’t cost anything. Just wear some comfortable active wear and a good pair of running shoes!

Jogging on my lunch breaks was a daily routine at my last job. It’s an amazing cardio workout and I felt great afterwards. 

I now live on a dirt road with a few big hills and for a dirt road, it’s quite busy with cars and trucks up and down the road. 

Going for a jog close to home is not as enjoyable as when I worked in the city, but on a treadmill….would be a great option for me!

Check out this article on jogging, jogging improves how your body burns calories and uses oxygen. Jogging is very effective for weight loss and it is also great for your heart health.

There are a lot of benefits from jogging.

Here’s another great article about jogging to avoid obesity

best home exercise for weight loss picture of someone's legs running outside on road


best home exercise for weight loss picture of woman wearing boxing gloves and a punching bag

Boxing is a GREAT home exercise for weight loss. 

When you are boxing, your body is constantly moving. You are jabbing, punching, ducking, and dodging. You are bouncing around and this raises your heart rate which makes you burn calories. 

Burning calories is essential for weight loss!

Read here how boxing helps you lose weight.

You don’t need to be in a boxing ring to be boxing either! Possibly set up a punching bag in the house, or just find a great boxing workout even on YouTube that you can do with no equipment needed.

My hubby has a punching bag downstairs that he regularly uses for cardio exercise. He puts on his boxing gloves and gets a great sweat on in a short time!

Here is why Boxing is considered the best weight loss workout, according to this site.


Jumping rope to lose weight is a great home exercise.

Who has used a jump rope as a child? I know I do so much especially in school!  But really, anyone can jump rope as long as you are physically able to. 

You can get a great workout from using a jump rope. In this article,  it says you can burn as much as 300 calories in as little as 15 minutes of jumping rope.

That’s a huge amount of calories in a short time!

Jumping rope gets your heart rate up and as mentioned earlier in this post, that means burning more calories which results in weight loss!

I found a blog that actually has a jump rope challenge that I am going to try myself. Check it out here. You can easily use a jump rope as a home exercise for weight loss. 

All you need is a jump rope and you are set!

best home exercise for weight loss picture of someone's legs with a jump rope in gym


best home exercise for weight loss picture of person doing high intensity exercise

First of all, what is Interval Training?

Interval training is about having intervals of high-intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise. This interval training is also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 

You involve yourself in a cardio exercise such as running, or swimming. Then mix it up by lowering the intensity for a short period. 

After the short period of lower intensity, switch it back to the high intensity exercise. This type of exercise is great for weight loss. 

It burns a ton of calories with the different levels of intensity in your workouts.

Interval training is what I do often for my exercise routines. I participate in workouts from my favourite workout programs Les Mills and do Les Mills Combat 5-6 days a week. 

It is a great workout! 

They even have a Les Mills on Demand app now which is awesome. 

This article goes into more detail on how Interval Training helps boost weight loss.

Any continuous exercise can help you burn calories and lose weight, but interval training is more effective at promoting weight loss. Here is why that is the case

If you’re just starting out and you want to try HIIT, this 7 day HIIT workout plan would be a great place to start!


Ok! Running stairs!

Most people have stairs in their house. If you don’t, there are usually stairs close to home you can find to run up! 

Our freezer is downstairs so every time I need something out of it, I’m up and down the stairs. Sometimes a few times a day! 

When I run up them, I can feel my heart rate raising even from just a few stairs. This is a great home exercise for weight loss and no equipment needed!

You can walk or run up and down stairs as little or as long as you want. The more time you spend running on them, the more calories you will burn. 

Higher calories=higher weight loss

According to this article, a 200-pound person burns about 550 calories per 30 minutes of running stairs at a fast pace. This article also classifies running stairs as a form of HIIT exercise. 

I separated it into its own category mostly to talk about it in a bit more detail because there are so many benefits of running stairs. 

Plus it is convenient to use in the home if you have a set of stairs in your house! If you are just starting out with cardio exercises, I suggest starting off maybe walking up and down.

Gradually picking up the pace to work your way up to running the stairs. You don’t want to start off too quick and result in a leg injury. 

This would set you back while you let your muscles heal!

Want to try running stairs? This gives great tips for beginners

best home exercise for weight loss woman running up stairs outside


people doing yoga outside

Yoga is a popular exercise for many people. 

It is a great home exercise that helps you lose weight.But, how does yoga help with weight loss?

Doing yoga helps you tune in better with your body. It helps reduce stress. Reducing stress helps you avoid stress eating (which I tend to eat when stressed!) 

This is a great benefit to yoga to support weight loss. Being involved in a good yoga exercise will help you lose weight and also help maintain weight loss.

So, what type of yoga is best for weight loss?

There are 3 types of yoga that are best for weight loss. Hot yoga, Power yoga, and Ashtanga yoga.

  1. Ashtanga yoga involves intense strength training with a focus on strengthening your core. t’s very energetic, but still focuses on maintaining balance in mind, body, and soul. This type of yoga increases body heat because the activity makes you sweat….a lot!
  2. Hot yoga is a very energetic type of yoga done in a very warm and humid room. This type of yoga is not for everyone and personally, I’m not sure I could handle the heat and humidity. But with that said, some can and enjoy it!
  3. Power Yoga is a very fast and intense form of yoga. It involves quickly moving your body from one posture to another. Power yoga is more related to a cardio activity, rather than a relaxed yoga exercise to calm your mind. 

I found a yoga challenge on YouTube! If you’re interested, it would be worth taking a look at! The video below starts you at Day 1 of the challenge.


woman lifting weights

Weight training is one of the best home exercises for weight loss. Lifting weights can help build muscle and strengthen your bones. 

It is something you can do at home with a few pieces of equipment. You can even use items from your home if you don’t have weights. 

Cans from your cupboard work fine as well when you are just starting out! 

Incorporating weight training into your routine is key if you want to boost your weight loss. Here are some great tips about weight training. This site has a great weight training workout for beginners.

When you do weight training, you are building muscle. Having more muscle means your body burns more calories when you are resting. 


Biking is a very effective way to lose weight from home. 

It’s something you can do at home if you have an exercise bike. If not, you can grab your helmet and take a ride down the road with your bike. 

Also, if you choose to get outside and bike, you get lots of fresh air and vitamin D! Biking is a great cardio workout and burns calories. 

If you are curious on how many calories you can burn in an hour while biking, click here.

It also helps build muscles and it’s a perfect low impact exercise that’s easier on your body than jogging. Biking helps with weight loss by increasing your heart rate which in turn burns more calories. 

Another good choice to bike is that anyone at any age can bike. It’s not a complicated exercise and with it being easier on your joints, it’s a low impact exercise for anyone to do.

man riding on a bike outside


person laying flat on bed exhausted

OH….those Dreaded burpees! The image above describes how I feel completely after doing burpees! I swear they are a killer for me and I cringe every time they show up in my workouts, but oh so effective! 

Burpees are one of the most effective full body exercises and you don’t need any equipment. As much as I don’t enjoy these, they are really one of the best home exercises for weight loss.

Your body is all you need to move for a burpee!

So, what are Burpees?

A burpee is a cardio exercise where you go from a standing position to all fours on the floor. You stretch your legs out straight in back of you, then immediately pull them in and jump back to your feet.

They are a great form of cardio and helps burn calories by getting your body moving. 

Burpees are also an excellent exercise for losing belly fat which I have talked about in one of my other blog posts here.

Here are some benefits of burpees and more about how to do them. As you may have gathered, burpees are probably my least favourite exercise. 

They are so effective though for weight loss and losing belly fat. For these reasons I do them anyway! Sometimes you have to just have to do what you need to do to get the job done! 

There are two videos (one to the right and one below). First video will show you how to do a proper burpee. The second video is on burpee variations for beginners. This is VERY helpful if you don’t want to jump right into a full on burpee!

Try them out. Let me know in the comments below how you feel about burpees!


#10 Jumping Jacks

people outside at sunset someone doing jumping jack

Do you remember doing jumping jacks when you were in school? 

I did plenty of them years ago with the gym teacher counting them as we jumped! Little did I know then how effective they were for weight loss!

Jumping jacks made my top 10 best home exercises for weight loss because…..they burn calories! Getting the heart rate up is key for burning those calories and losing weight!

Want to know how many jumping jacks to do a day to lose weight? Click here to find out.

For those of you who are just starting out with workouts, it’s recommended beginning with one set of 10 jumping jacks jumping in and out slowly. 

Find out more about what is recommended for jumping jacks here.

As you get more experienced with jumping jacks, you can increase that amount gradually.

What Home Exercise Is Best For You?

What Exercises will you incorporate into your Daily Routine?

I listed the best home exercises for weight loss in this post. Whatever home exercise you choose to add to your routine is purely a personal choice for you. 

Interval training is something I do often in my workout routine. It’s because I enjoy it the most out of the 10 exercises listed. 

I plan on adding more from this list as I buckle down this fall in my workout regimen. I am committed to focus on my weight loss goals as I continue my journey with Intermittent Fasting.

The main thing is for you to choose something and stick with it! 

Stay committed! 

You will reach your weight loss goal, but you need to put in the work. It’s not easy…but it’s well worth it when you meet your weight loss goal, isn’t it?!

woman doing push up

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