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Is Intermittent Fasting for You?

Is Intermittent Fasting for You?

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Intermittent Fasting…it’s definitely something I never thought I would do. 

I absolutely LOVE food and honestly didn’t see myself as someone who could go more than a few hours of eating! 

My husband started his journey with fasting last summer. He went from grazing on food all day to fasting for 20 hours. My hubby started eating for just 4 hours of the day.

When he first started, I had no intention of joining him in the journey. Honestly at that point, I was not ready to commit!

Not feeling motivated and in kind of a rut was where I was. You have to be ready for change. At that point, I wasn’t! Deep down, I did know I had to lose the weight. 

Choosing to ignore the fact of how tired I would get so fast was something I was doing a lot. I didn’t really care about getting up off the couch and getting my butt moving! 

So…I kept on eating all the things I knew were wrong for my body’s health. They tasted so good that I continued to pile them into my daily eating routine. (Binge eating at times!) 

Sure, I saw hubby doing his fasting thing. I thought hmmm… he’s staying pretty committed. (While I sat back and munched on some Doritos). 

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My Personal Weight Loss Struggle

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See…I have always had issues with weight and it’s been a struggle of mine since as long as I can remember.

I’ve tried so many different weight loss strategies and I failed at every one. 

I mean, I would lose weight of course, but each weight loss plan I never seemed to commit long enough to make it a lifestyle change.

Years ago in high school I wanted to be in better shape…typical teenager wanting to look good.

Weight always was so frustrating for me because I never seemed to be successful with anything I ever tried for weight loss. 

I would always need to be the person to work out like crazy to have any kind of progress. As soon as eat something that wasn’t the healthiest choice for me though, the scale would show it. 

My fight with the scale is a whole other topic!

After a few months of my husband being involved in intermittent fasting, I noticed a change in his body.

His belly was shrinking! 

It was amazing to me since he didn’t even workout at this point. He was simply fasting and then eating during the 4 hour time frame. 

When I noticed such a change in him, I started looking into intermittent fasting.I wanted to find out more on how it all worked.

In December 2021, I decided to try it out. What could be the harm in testing it to see how I do right? 

It’s just like anything else I’ve tried. Maybe I should try something new. I made it 2 weeks….2 weeks! I gave up and said to myself “This is too damn hard! 

So….like everything else I’ve tried, I quit. Yep…I’m a quitter! I quit intermittent fasting very soon after trying it and I went back to my old habits. 

man doing exercise outside

Guess what I did then? 

I began slacking off in the exercise department and eating all the delicious NOT healthy food choices. 

Again, I resumed ignoring all the signs my body was trying to tell me that something needed to change.


My Commitment for Change

January 2022 came along, day after New years I looked in the mirror and I was disgusted with myself.

Not only physically, but mentally I was just tired of giving up all the time. I was tired all the time, my clothes weren’t fitting properly, and I just didn’t feel healthy…at all! 

That was the day I said to myself “something HAS to change.”

So….that same day was the day I decided that I was going to try intermittent fasting again. This time, I was going to make it work! 

I looked up suggestions on YouTube on intermittent fasting. On YouTube, I did find a few good videos on fasting and decided on committing to the 20/4 method of fasting. 

I started watching Dr. Berg on YouTube who had a lot of great advice on intermittent fasting for weight loss.

This video gave me a lot of great information on how Intermittent fasting works for weight loss and how to get myself started.

This is the first video I watched of Dr. Berg about intermittent fasting.

First Initial Months of Fasting

The first month, I’m not going to lie…I felt hungry ALL the time! I was still craving everything I loved to snack on…..chocolate, chips, ice cream!

I almost gave up again after week 1, but stuck with it. Feeling hungry every day and talking myself out of quitting became a daily thing too! 

I stuck with it and watched video after video about intermittent fasting to learn as much as I could about it. Also wanting to keep myself motivated so I wouldn’t quit this time so I watched weight intermittent fasting tips a lot!

I kept pushing through the struggle. Finally, I noticed by week 2, my energy level was improving. 

It was incredible that I didn’t even feel tired all the time.  I was still hungry, but I found myself wanting to workout! 

My energy was increasing and I was able to push myself further in my exercise routine. I was feeling more motivated to continue when I started feeling a bit of change in my body. 

Honestly, I didn’t notice any weight loss the first couple of weeks which normally would discourage me. I was feeling so much more energetic and my head was almost clearer and more alert.

woman eating junk food
apple cider vinegar

That alone motivated me to continue with what I was doing.

Finally after month 1, my body started adjusting. I noticed after a while, I didn’t feel hungry until just before the 4pm mark when my fasting would end.

Shortly after the first month, I even stopped having cravings for junk food. This is huge for me being such a big chocoholic!

Wanting to grab the healthy choices to eat became more of a habit for me. Even though there may be ice cream in the freezer….I didn’t crave it.

I didn’t feel like reaching into the freezer and eating the container of it which is SO what I would have done before! 

Once I started seeing change, I began researching different natural supplements that may help me on my weight loss journey. 

I incorporated apple cider vinegar and Berberine into my daily routine after reading more about how they may help boost weight loss. 

If you’re interested, check out my post on apple cider vinegar to lose belly fat and also about the natural supplements for weight loss including Berberine.

I didn’t own a scale at this point since my scale broke a few years ago. The battle I always had with the darn scale, I didn’t want one in the house. 

They frustrate me too much!  I wasn’t able to weigh myself, but I could feel my clothes weren’t snug anymore. 

My body was changing!

Seeing Progress!

As the months went on, my body started feeling healthier and stronger. 

I had clothes in my closet that hadn’t fit me for years and trying some on and having them actually fit.This showed me that intermittent fasting was working for me and kept me motivated to keep going. 

It started becoming more of a lifestyle change rather than a weight loss plan to me.Things were becoming clear that this method of fasting was going to work for me.

This was going to break through all my barriers that lead me to quitting other plans I’ve tried. It made me excited because after years of struggles, this seemed to be finally what I needed.

About month 3, I caved and bought myself a scale. Swearing I wouldn’t be obsessed with constantly stepping on it, I committed to stepping on the scale once every week!

I figured it was probably a good idea to at least monitor the scale once and a while.  Weekly body measurements were incorporated into my routine as well.

best drinks for weight loss. words spell body under construction

8 months later, I have lost 50 pounds and a ton of inches especially around my waistline which is my trouble area. 

It shocked me that I made it this long, but I think I just got to the point where I just had enough of feeling unhealthy.

If nothing changed, my health would start to decline even more. Believe me, I still love food just as much as I used to and enjoy the eating process, but now I don’t crave food.

I eat because I’m hungry, not because I’m bored or emotional or for whatever other excuse I could come up with before to eat!

I’m not writing this to brag about my weight loss because I’m still on my weight loss journey so there is still a distance to go for me.

I have about 30-40 pounds to go before my goal is reached. This post is for anyone that has ever struggled with their weight.

You may be like me trying so many different weight loss strategies trying to find the one that works for you.

>>Is Intermittent Fasting for You?<<

Is Intermittent fasting for you? It wasn’t for me, or at least it wasn’t at first! 

But I tried it and I adapted to the lifestyle. 

Food for thought? It may or may not be for you, but it was definitely worth looking into for me! Main thing is…find what works for you and stick with it! Never give up trying! 

Being healthy means working on yourself to be the best person you can be inside…and out!

intermittent fasting picture of measurements

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