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Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Natural Supplements for Weight Loss?

natural supplements for weight loss

Who has ever tried natural supplements for weight loss?

If you are like me and have had years of struggles with your weight, you may have done some searching like me for something to help you lose weight. 

It could be that just recently you have had trouble getting off those extra pounds that were put on over time. You probably have looked into different methods to help boost your weight loss. 

I honestly have lost track of how many supplements I have tried over the past many years. Most didn’t work and I just basically wasted my money with no successful outcome.

Since starting intermittent fasting back in January, I have searched more on natural supplements for weight loss and what I can do to help me lose weight.

If you want, check out my weight loss experience with intermittent fasting.

How do you know what supplement will work and what will just be a big waste of your money and time?

That’s a hard thing to answer because there are just SO many choices out there now to choose from. It honestly overwhelms me! There are so many different natural supplements for weight loss. 

It’s hard to choose which ones to try and how they will work for my weight loss.

After searching, here are my top 5 natural supplements for weight loss.

#1 Natural Supplement for Weight Loss- “Green Tea”

Green tea is a natural drink supposed to help promote weight loss. 

I’m not a big fan of the taste of green tea, but I have tried to drink it many times over the years because of the research I’ve done on green tea. 

This is how Green tea has been shown to be helpful with weight loss:

-contains caffeine.

-Green tea also contains an antioxidant called Catechin.

Catechin and caffeine work together to speed up the body’s metabolism. This may in turn help with weight loss.

Here is an article on how to make green tea for weight loss.

green tea being poured into a mug

#2 Natural Supplement for Weight Loss- “Coffee”

coffee being poured into a black mug

Coffee! I love my morning coffee.

Although I do still like my coffee creamer so it’s not the healthiest of drinks to have, black coffee is said to be effective in weight loss. 

I have even read that coffee is effective for losing belly fat. Coffee increases your energy levels and the amount of calories you burn. 

Of course, adding extra creams and sugars won’t have the same effect as black coffee since you’re adding extra calories to your coffee (and sugar!)

I have yet to take to black coffee though. Usually I have only one in the morning, maybe two on my lazy weekends, but I’m definitely not ready to take it black….yet!! 

I posted a video that shows how to make black coffee for weight loss.

It’s just one of many I’ve watched, but there are plenty others that you can find if you go searching!

If you want to learn more about coffee and weight loss, I wrote a post about it here.

BulletProof Coffee for Weight Loss?

Have you tried bulletproof coffee before?

It’s a black coffee mixed with butter and MCT oil or coconut oil. I’ve personally never tried it with coconut oil, but I have made it with butter and MCT oil. 

I don’t think I did it quite right though because it tasted a little too oily for me. I guess I should have blended it the way the directions read right?!

Bulletproof coffee is something I may try again when I’m ready to give up the cream! 

Here’s a link for a recipe for bulletproof coffee if anyone is interested in giving it a go.


#3 Natural Supplement for Weight Loss-
“Apple Cider Vinegar”

apple cider vinegar in glasses with apples in picture

Another natural supplement that people have tried to help with weight loss is apple cider vinegar.

Acetic acid is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. Certain animal studies that have been done have shown acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may help promote weight loss in many ways. 

Some benefits include lowering blood sugar levels, increasing fat burning, and helping to curb appetite. Check out the video I posted below of Dr. Berg on YouTube explaining why apple cider works for weight loss.

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar daily for the past 5 months and personally I noticed a difference in a few aspects of my weight loss journey. Apple cider vinegar seems to helps curb my cravings, it has balanced out my heartburn issues. 

Here’s a link to one of my posts about my experience with apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

I used to have heartburn often and now it is rare! The biggest benefit I saw is in my weight loss, particularly in losing belly fat. 

Apple cider vinegar also comes in pill form too if you can’t stomach the taste of the liquid.

My Recommendation for Apple Cider Vinegar


I highly recommend trying apple cider vinegar if you can handle the taste!

It needs to be diluted as the acetic acid will burn your throat drinking it straight! 

I would suggest starting with just one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. You can gradually increase it as you get used to it! 

Up to 2 tablespoons twice a day was recommended for me for losing belly fat.

It all depends on what you are looking to achieve.

#4 Natural Supplement for Weight Loss- “Berberine”

glass jar of sugar cubes and an insulin monitor

Another natural supplement that I had never heard of before starting intermittent fasting is the supplement called Berberine.

Berberine is a bioactive compound that can be extracted from several different plants. It belongs to a class of compounds called alkaloids. Berberine is yellow in colour.

This natural supplement can reduce blood sugar levels and help improve metabolism which in turn can help with weight loss.

Berberine has been a daily supplement for me for the past 4 months and it is definitely helping to give me more energy in my workouts and overall in my daily routine. 

I incorporated a lot of different habits into my weight loss journey so it’s hard to say about weight loss effectiveness for me using Berberine. Berberine definitely does seem to be playing a factor in my weight loss by helping to break down the extra carbs I eat on occasion. 

Lately I tend to stick to lower carb foods, but I do love carbs! On those particular days, Berberine seems to be effective as it helps keep those carbs off my gut!

Berberine Effective without Healthy Eating?

Berberine isn’t going to be too effective if you’re not following a healthy eating and active lifestyle.

Here’s a link to how to use Berberine that is very helpful.

I think it is a great supplement to add to your healthy routine to help give a boost in weight loss. 

Dr. Berg on YouTube talks about the many benefits of Berberine,

including using it for weight loss if you want to know more about the benefits of Berberine including weight loss. 

I seem to watch a lot of informative videos from him over the past year.

He has a lot of great tips and information on nutrition, weight loss, and overall health. 

#5 Natural Supplement for Weight Loss-“Dandelion”

hand holding a dandelion outside

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Another natural supplement that I personally haven’t tried, but my husband has is Dandelion. 


It is a great digestive aid and some actually use it as a laxative. 

You can make it in tea form and supplement and can actually be added to your salad if you choose to. 

Here’s how Dandelion helps with weight loss:

It improves your metabolism. As your metabolism in the body increases, your body is able to increase the calories burned helping lose more fat. 

Dandelion is also good for suppressing appetite and curbing your craving for sweets.

Flushing out your kidneys and treating problems with digestion.

Here’s a site I found about using dandelions for weight loss.

My husband concocted his own dandelion tea at one point last year. 

We always have a ton of them growing in the backyard so one day he went out and picked some. I thought he was crazy, but turns out, there’s a lot of benefit to dandelions! 

In another article I found, I even read it’s healthy for a dog to eat dandelions. Go figure! 

I never actually tried dandelion in any form. Thinking maybe I wasn’t brave enough to try it when he made it.

Reading more into it though, I should probably give it a go and see how it works. If I do decide to try it, I will have to write a blog about it!

To make dandelion tea, boil 2 or 3 teaspoons of the dandelion root per 1 cup of water for 10 to 15 minutes.

It is most effective when you drink it three times a day.

Here is a great blog I found with different tea recipes using dandelion.

If you make your own dandelion tea, I’d love for you to leave a comment below and share your experience!

dandelions in a mug

What Natural Supplement Would Help You?

natural herbs in bowls and a kettle of herbal tea

There are a lot of other natural supplements that can be used for weight loss and I’m only learning of the ones mentioned. 

With so many supplements out there, it’s hard to decide on what to try. 

I personally have been using apple cider vinegar and Berberine to help with my weight loss, but I am willing to try others if it means it will boost my health and wellness journey. 

If you’re wanting some help with weight loss and you may be looking for some natural forms of supplements. You may be wanting to avoid all the commercially made weight loss pills available these days.

I suggest trying some of these natural supplement options that you may have success with for your own weight loss journey.

They just may help you too:)

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