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Top 12 Weight Loss Foods For Women Over 40

Top 12 Weight Loss Foods For Women Over 40

Top 12 Weight Loss Foods for Women Over 40

There are weight loss foods for women over 40 that help us women in our 40s lose weight. Why is weight loss for us women over 40 much harder than when we were in our 20s? I always had struggles with my weight, but I noticed as I got older, the routines that worked for weight loss when I was younger aren’t as effective now that I’m in my 40s!

Women in general have more fat content and less muscle mass than men. Men also have a faster metabolism than women. Because muscles burn more calories than fat and women have a slower metabolism than men, that in itself makes it more of a challenge for weight loss.

This combination makes you hungrier. You end up eating more and burning fewer calories. Much of the weight gain occurs around your belly.

Why Is It Harder for Women to lose Weight As They Age?

weight loss foods for women over 40

As we get older, our metabolism slows down and your hormone levels drop making you burn calories at a slower rate. . This causes your insulin to rise and your thyroid levels decrease. 

Our bodies can’t burn off the calories like it did when we were younger.  Also, because our lean muscle mass lowers as we age, unfortunately, the fat mass starts to increase and ends up more in our belly. 

Belly fat is a whole other issue for me. It’s the hardest fat to lose on your body and now that I’m over 40, it’s even harder to tackle!

After 40s, we reach our perimenopause and menopausal stages where metabolism rates decreases and affects our muscles. This makes it much harder for weight loss for women over 40.

Also, a woman’s hormones play a big factor with weight loss as well. Our hormones are a crazy thing since certain times of the month, our hormones can be raging! (I know mine can!)

woman measuring wasitline

So…Can There Be Any Other Barriers Holding Back Your Weight Loss?


 1.  Eating foods that hurt your stomach- As you get older, certain foods just don’t react in your stomach the way they used to when you were younger.

Sometimes, you become sensitive to certain foods (like bread…gluten) This can do a number on your hormones and metabolism making it harder to lose weight.

2.  You’re eating too much sugar. Those darn hormones certain times of the  month makes my body crave junk food and the cravings are unreal          sometimes. 

Women especially over 40 with decreased metabolism eating     too much sugar will most likely see weight gain rather than weight loss. 

3.  Not enough sleep- Sleep plays a critical role in overall health, but particularly in weight loss. Not getting enough sleep can actually block weight loss and increase your chance of gaining weight. 
Not getting enough sleep as well increases hunger making  you more prone to snacking which adds extra calories your body probably doesn’t need!

4.  You’re in a peri or post menopausal stage. A women’s hormones will start to decline after mid 30s and by your 40s, they are all over the place as a woman’s body is preparing for menopause. 

This causes a woman’s body to store fat….lovely right?!

So, there are barriers…sure! What do we do about it to reach weight loss success? Here are some things to help weight loss for women over 40:

Best Foods To Eat For Weight loss Over 40

#1 Chicken Breast

weight loss foods for women over 40

Chicken breast can be added to your plate on its own or thrown into a salad or stir fry. There are many ways to serve chicken breast. 

Just be sure to choose low or no calorie options to flavour your chicken so you aren’t adding too many calories. Chicken is one of the best lean proteins you can eat for weight loss. 

I wrote a post about the best proteins for losing belly fat. Chicken is at the top of the list!

Chicken breast is one of the best weight loss foods for women over 40 because of its high protein content. The protein keeps you satisfied and helps to build and keep muscles. 

Retaining muscles is important since muscle helps improve metabolism. The best way for women over 40 to lose weight is to boost metabolism which speeds up calorie burn and fat burn. 

This causes weight loss. A 4 ounce serving of chicken breast contains 40 grams of protein. That’s a lot of protein in one serving! Having enough protein in your daily routine will help speed up metabolism and help with weight loss.

weight loss foods for women over 40chicken breast

#2 Eggs

weight loss foods for women over 40

Protein-rich foods like eggs help build muscle because of their protein content. Especially for women over 40, we need a healthy amount of fat to make sure our hormones are balanced. 

Eggs have mostly unsaturated fat and also have omega-3 fatty acid which helps you lose fat. 

They are high in protein and fat and are very satiating. Eggs are also very nutrient dense and most of the nutrients are found in the yolks so make sure to eat the yolk!

Low-fat yogurt is another great source of protein which is needed when you are trying to lose weight. Greek yogourt is a good choice since it’s higher in protein than regular yogourt.

Low fat yogourt is pretty low in calories too. It has a lot of calcium, which is great for healthy bones, a particular benefit to preventing osteoporosis.

Women are 4 times more affected by Osteoporosis than men. Calcium is so important for women over 40 to preserve bone health.

High calcium foods such as low-fat yogourt, have been shown to increase body fat breakdown and preserve metabolism during dieting.

#3 Low-Fat Yogourt

weight loss foods for women over 40

#4 Leafy Greens

weight loss foods for women over 40 leafy greens

Greens like kale, swiss chard, and spinach have the highest nutritional value of all the leafy greens so these greens make a great choice of food for women in their 40s. 

These are very high with vitamin K and as we get older, vitamin K is very important for our bodies.

Vitamin C is also very important for women over 40. Leafy greens are loaded with vitamin C. According to this article, “But vitamin C does a lot more than protect us from these age-related diseases. 

It also is necessary for helping our bodies heal and better metabolize and use such nutrients as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Vitamin C also helps boost the immune system, lower hypertension and maintain our skins’ elasticity.”

Leafy greens are high in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and very good for you. They also have calcium which has been shown in studies to help burn fat.

They are low in carbohydrates, low in calories, and full of fibre! All of these factors make leafy greens a great choice for weight loss. 

Especially a woman in your 40s that needs the extra boost in all of the nutritious content that leafy greens can give.

weight loss foods for women over 40 spinach



Sweet potatoes are also fat free and cholesterol-free and great for you. They have fibre, calcium, iron, vitamin B and C, and contain selenium. Sweet potatoes also have antioxidants which help weight loss. 

Try adding white or sweet potatoes to your eating routine. For women over 40 especially, these extra nutrients are essential for overall health as well as help lose weight.

I always thought to avoid potatoes, but it turns out, there are a lot of benefits for eating them. Potatoes help improve blood sugar levels. This, in itself, helps weight loss.

White potatoes are fat-free and are full of nutrients. They contain fibre and vitamin B6. This helps fuel your body and also helps burn fat.

A medium potato (with skin) has just 118 calories and one gram of sugar. It has 3 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbohydrates, and 2.5 grams of fibre. 

weight loss foods for women over 40. sweet potato


weight loss foods for women over 40

Women especially over 40 have more issues with fat developing more in the belly. Eating beans can help reduce belly fat because of the nutritional value beans offer your body.

Beans do have carbohydrates so if you are watching your carb intake, keep track of how much beans you are consuming so you are not taking in too many carbohydrates than your daily consumption.

Beans are high in protein and fibre. With a good amount of these nutrients, beans will help you stay fuller and more satisfied.

Beans are also heart healthy, which is important as we get older. They help keep cholesterol in check and lower blood pressure.

weight loss foods for women over 40.

Avocados have so many benefits, but for women over 40, avocados are a great food to add to your daily menu. They can control cholesterol levels, supports joints, and help with digestion. 

Avocados have a lot of fibre, water, and nutrients, including potassium. 

They are great for your skin because of the antioxidants they contain. Avocados help vision, not to mention weight loss. Avocados can also help reduce belly fat when maintaining a healthy diet.


weight loss foods for women over 40. avocados



As we age, the foods we used to eat don’t burn off as effectively as they used to when we were younger. 

Simple carbs are smart to reduce as women get older, but adding complex carbs like oats is important for overall health and weight loss. 

Complex carbs help you feel full longer while keeping energy up. This helps keep your metabolism up and burns calories.

My grandmother regularly had her bowl of oatmeal practically every morning. It always makes me smile to think of her morning routine with her morning oats for breakfast. 

I never realized how good oats were for you, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Oats are full of fibre which helps fill you up and keeps you full longer. They are also high in protein which helps burn fat. Oats can help lower your blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Nuts are an excellent food to add for weight loss. Nuts are high in protein which helps build muscle. Muscle burns fat which helps lose weight. Nuts are a healthy fat. 

I have added a handful of nuts daily to my eating routine. I have mixed nuts an hour before supper and it really helps to curb my appetite so I’m not overloading my supper plate.




Adding nuts to your day can help cholesterol levels and boost weight loss.

For women over 40, the thyroid hormone can change. Brazil nuts contain a high content of selenium. 

Selenium is essential for body function. It helps thyroid as well as keeping your immune system functioning well. Nuts, in general, are a great source of food to add for women over 40 trying to lose weight. 

Try adding a few brazil nuts in the mix for the extra benefit.

#10- Fatty Fish


Fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon, herring, and sardines are all a great choice of oily fish that can help you lose weight. 

They are full of omega 3 fats which turn ‘bad’ fat cells into healthy ones. This causes calorie burn. Burning calories is essential for weight loss.

For women over 40, fatty fish is a great food to add to a healthy eating routine. The amount of ‘good’ fat cells begin to decrease as we get older so adding omega 3 fats to your diet is important. 

Omega 3 fats are not only great for maintaining heart health, but these fatty fish also help reduces menopause systems.


Berries contain a high level of antioxidants. This gives them great nutritional value and can boost your immune system.

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are low in calories and sugar which makes them an excellent choice to consume. 

Berries contain vitamin C and high levels of soluble fibre that helps give you a feeling of fullness. This helps curb your appetite which also helps control your calories so you’re not overdoing your calories for the day. 

They also help lower cholesterol levels.




Because of the high levels of antioxidants, berries help keep blood sugar levels in check and help improve insulin resistance, which helps burn fat.

The antixiodants, vitamin C, fibre, and low calories in berries makes this a great weight loss food for women over 40. 



They are very low in calories, but high in water and fibre, which create a fullness without adding too many calories. A 1-cup serving of chopped, raw broccoli only has 30 calories!

Broccoli is a superfood with a whole host of benefits for your health. If you want to learn more about broccoli as a weight loss superfood, I wrote a post about superfoods for weight loss here.

Broccoli is high in fibre, vitamin K, iron, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. It also has more protein than most of the other vegetables. The vitamin C and K in broccoli  is helpful especially for women over 40 to keep bones healthy.


Weight Loss Foods For Women Conclusion:


These 12 weight loss foods for women over 40 are helpful for any age to consume for overall health as well as weight loss. 

In particular though, for women over 40, there are more obstacles to lose weight and barriers that make it so much harder for weight loss, including hormones which sometimes seem impossible to balance! 

Including even some of these foods into a healthy eating routine can help boost weight loss and help us women over 40 be more successful with our efforts to lose weight.

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