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Weight Loss Tips for Women

Are There Any Weight Loss Tips for Women?

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Are there any weight loss tips for women to help lose weight? 

A woman’s hormones can do a number on our bodies! This includes how we carry weight. My husband seems to have  always been able to lose weight so much faster than me. 

It’s always so frustrating when I was working SO hard and I was never seeing the same results.

If you can relate to my struggle, read on! 

I am going to talk about why women have a harder time losing weight. I will also give you some weight loss tips for women to help be more effective with weight loss!

Why DO Women Have a Harder Time Losing Weight Than Men?

weight loss tips for women. women grabbing her belly fat

This question I have asked myself so many times!

The fact is, women have more fat content than men. Women have less muscle mass on average than men as well. With muscle, muscle burns more calories than fat. 

Another reason men lose weight is because they have a faster metabolism than women. This helps men burn calories faster doing less activity than women.

I wrote a blog post with weight loss tips for men too!

Also, women store fat differently than men. Weight on a woman tends to collect on our thighs, butt, and hips which are harder to lose. Belly fat is always the hardest to lose as well!

And then….our hormones!! 

Those lovely women hormones! 

Our female hormones actually encourage calories to be stored as fat! Fat takes up more space in the body than muscle. 

Ever notice certain times of the month, you crave certain unhealthy food like salty and sweet things? 

I know I do! 

This involves your hormones changing in your body. The female primary sex hormones, which are estrogen and progesterone, makes food cravings stronger. 

Cravings tend to lead to a lot of occasions of snacking and binge eating. The binging is usually the most unhealthy foods! 

This also doesn’t help weight loss, rather than opposite!

Dr. Berg has a video below that explains why women tend to lose weight slower than men. 

I enjoy watching his videos. 

He really knows his stuff and I enjoy learning what he has to share.

So, now that we understand a little more on why it’s harder for us women to lose weight….


This first tip may sound like an easy one, but many people don’t drink enough water! 

Our body is made up of 60% water. 

That’s a lot!! 

We don’t realise sometimes how important water is for our body functions. Water helps keep you hydrated of course, but so much more than that! 

  1. It regulates temperature
  2. Helps flush body waste
  3. Delivers oxygen through your body
  4. Regulates temperature
  5. Speeds up your metabolism. This boost in metabolism helps your body burn more calories.This is what we need to lose weight!
  6. Makes you feel fuller so you tend to not want to reach for a snack as often.

Sometimes, your body is craving water and you may think you are hungry. Sometimes, your body just needs water! 

So…drink up!

Here’s a video about 3 ways that water helps weight loss.

weight loss tips for women. glass of water


picture of cinnamon buns on a plate with a fork

Anything that contains white flour would be classified as refined carbs. 

This includes pizza, pasta, white rice, cereals, and baked goods that are made with white flour. Refined carbs make you hungrier. Why is that?

According to this article, carbs and refined grains are digested quickly, creating a quick rise in blood sugar levels. Your body will then pump out a big dose of insulin. 

This causes your blood sugar to quickly drop. 

What happens when blood sugar levels drop? 

You feel tired and hungry. That’s a recipe for disaster. You end up craving more carbs to restore the energy which is NOT good for weight loss. 

It will end up causing weight gain instead. Instead of refined carbs, choose whole grain foods. 

These include foods like brown rice, whole grain oats, and quinoa just to name a few.


Why is strength training a good weight loss tip for women?

Simply put, Strength training helps you to build more lean muscle mass and can reduce body fat percentage. 

Building more muscle burns fat which means weight loss.

I LOVE this article that talks about why strength training is best for women. It’s definitely worth the read!

You don’t need to do strength training every day or go crazy with your sets that you do.

I recommend adding strength training to your routine at least twice a week. 

Start off with 6-12 repetitions at first and gradually increase at your own pace.

Here are 7 great strength training exercises for women that you can try adding to your routine.

woman doing push up on floor


beef cut up in slices

Protein is so important for weight loss. 

It can boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and helps you lose body fat. 

In this article, it states that a high protein intake has been shown to boost metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned by about 80 to 100 per day.

Adding more protein to your eating routine also reduces your cravings. 

Cravings can sometimes crush your willpower and you end up reaching for those bag of chips or chocolate bar! 

Eating more protein will help combat that and keep those cravings at bay!

Here are 9 great reasons why women should eat more protein.

You will notice that the first reason…..keeps women lean! 

That’s what we are looking for. One of the best weight loss tips for women…..eat protein ladies!


Fibre is so important for your body. 

Eating foods rich in fibre helps your digestive system and this helps with weight loss. It makes you feel fuller…for longer! 

Nuts are a little snack I now have every day before supper. 

I have it just before supper so that I feel fuller and tend to not overdo it at the supper table and overeat my calories for the day!

It also boosts your metabolism which burns more calories. More calories lost=weight loss! 

Here’s why, according to dieticians, you should be eating more fibre for a faster metabolism.

There are lots of fruit, vegetables, and grains that have good fibre to add to your diet. 

Choose a few you like and mix them into your daily routine. 

You will start to notice you will feel less hungry and more satisfied.

weight loss tips for women. mixed nuts


tracking calories

Now, this is one of the most important weight loss tips for women. 

For anyone trying to lose weight really, but because our women’s bodies go a little hormonal sometimes, counting calories is a must for weight loss!

I have been intermittent fasting for the past almost 9 months. I’m having great success. Here is my intermittent fasting journey so far. 

But, for the first 6 months I actually didn’t pay much attention to calories. 

I was seeing weight loss success and I was satisfied. 

BUT….the progress slowed significantly so I thought hmmm…maybe I should be tracking what I’m eating just to see how many calories I am eating.

Oh my Gosh! 

I downloaded MyFitnessPal on my phone right away and started adding in my food for the day. 

The few snacks I had I put into the calorie counter and I was already over 1000 calories! 

Supper calories weren’t even counted yet! From then on, I have been using the app and putting in my daily calories. 

I have since seen weight loss progress again finally after a bit of a stall.

Even though I was doing intermittent fasting, I still was going over my calories for the day and I didn’t even realise it! 

Those darn calories add up quick!

I suggest downloading a good calorie counting app on your phone to keep track of what you eat. I chose MyFitnessPal because I can put in my workouts as well.

You can pay to upgrade or just use the free version(which is what I use!) FitBit is also a great app to try for counting your calories.

Why calories are important!

Working out on a regular basis is a big part of losing weight.

 Keeping active keeps your metabolism up and helps you burn calories which causes weight loss. 

I had a hard time getting back into regular workouts when I started intermittent fasting in January. 

I had to give myself a kick in the pants and make myself get up and moving! 

It takes a while to adopt a new workout regimen, but once you start and keep moving, you feel so much better! 

Plus, when you start seeing weight loss results…it motivates you to keep going!

I recommend working out 4-5 days per week, 30 minutes each day. If you feel you can do more, go for it! 

You don’t want to push yourself too much if you’re just starting out. Your body will burn out fast! You will get too sore and want to give up! 

Don’t give up!

weight loss tips for women.a woman exercising on a machine

Start small and gradually increase your workout time or how many days you workout.

I do Les Mills combat workouts 6 days a week now. For example, today I did my workout which is 32 minutes long. I burned 325 calories in those 32 minutes of exercise. 

Just doing 30 minutes a day, you will start to see lots of calories burned which helps burn body fat. Burning body fat equals weight loss! 

I suggest picking a workout that you will enjoy doing. I love martial arts, kickboxing, boxing etc. so I look forward to these workouts. If it was full of Burpees….I would be dreading it!(although burpees are amazing for helping burn body fat!)

If you’re looking for some great exercises for weight loss, check out my post on home exercises for weight loss here.


weight loss tips for women. woman sleeping

Getting a proper night’s sleep is so important for many reasons.

Talking specifically about weight loss, sleep is essential for helping you lose weight. Getting enough sleep may be just as important as a good diet and workout routine. 

Sleep helps you boost your metabolism, recharge your energy, and suppresses your appetite. 

I know I am lacking in the proper sleep that I know my body needs. 

I have been working on getting a better night’s sleep, but it’s a tough one when you are trying to break bad sleeping habits! 

This is definitely something I will have to try harder to improve on.

Better sleep would be a better option rather than coffee to keep me going all day on the nights I don’t sleep well!

Sleeping has so many benefits for your body, and most importantly in relation to weight loss.

Here’s an article that talks about the connection between weight loss and sleep.


If you haven’t heard of Intermittent Fasting before, it is not a diet.

It is a pattern of eating. You have a period of time where you fast then a certain eating window. 

Here is an animated video on what is Intermittent fasting for those that like visuals like me!

As a woman and the struggles I’ve had with weight loss, I needed to try something different from anything I’ve ever tried before.

weight loss tips for women. colorful clock

There are 7 types of intermittent fasting. I wrote a post here about the 7 types of fasting.

With intermittent fasting, I follow my daily calories, but I only eat them between a certain eating time. I fast for 20 hours, eat for 4 hours. 

I’m not going to lie….It takes time to adjust to fasting, especially the 20:4 method I am currently doing. I needed to work on my belly area which I have the hardest time losing. 

I have heard intermittent fasting helps with weight loss and burning belly fat. If you’ve never tried intermittent fasting and you are looking to lose weight, I highly recommend trying it. 

After you adjust, your body will have boosted metabolism. You will have more energy and your body will start to burn fat everywhere. 

Dr. Berg talks about Intermittent Fasting for Women below.

This last weight loss tip will be short and sweet…

Get yourself a workout buddy or friend that will help you be accountable! 

My sister and I text each other often and keep each other encouraged with our weight loss goals. We talk about successes and also our failures. 

We support each other and support is so important!

It helps to have a support system in place! 

I know when I am accountable to someone else, there’s less chance I will give up!

weight loss tips for women. hands joining together for support

Weight Loss Tips for Women Final Word

bowl of salad

I just gave you 10 of my recommendations for weight loss tips for women. 

I believe if you add these 10 tips into your routine, you will see amazing weight loss results. It may take a while to get yourself in a consistent pattern of healthy lifestyle changes. 

That’s completely normal! 

If you commit to losing weight and living a healthy life, you will set your goals and hit them no doubt! 

BONUS LINK:  Here’s a great post that gives you 7 superfoods for women’s weight loss. I hope it helps!

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